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Holly Alexandra Pearson
Assistant Art Director
Auckland University of Technology
p: 021 155 XXXX

As a group of four digital media students at AUT, we formed a company ‘.hype’, specialising in rebranding a client’s brand though the use of web design.

We are currently working with client Dane Giraud, a screen writer/director, who wants to present his work via a website in a portfolio form.  He is currently unhappy with the website he is currently using, and has approached us in an attempt to rebrand and redesign the current ‘look’ of his website.

Your Tasks

My assigned role is Assistant Art Director, working closely with Hillie Chan (Art Director).  As Assistant Art Director I receive tasks from Art Director, Hillie, in which she collaborates directly with the Project Manager (Shauni Drought).  I myself, work closely with both Shauni and Hillie, however I check off my ideas and designs with Hillie.  The design elements, such as colour scheme, logo’s, font etc. I have a major input in the design.  The design elements that myself and Hillie work on are incredibly important in the overall design of the website that .hype creates for Dane.  The design must visually communicate the elements in his portfolio that he deems important, and display them visually in a way that is appropriate for the web.

Time Management

Personally, I think my time management skills are good.  I always complete tasks in order to meet the deadline.  In addition, I feel as though I work really well under pressure.  I am able to produce creative ideas in a short amount of time, which is beneficial for tasks such as this, where ideas and plans change often depending on what the client wants and approves of.  As a group, we take a relaxed approach to our work.  This can be viewed both positively and negatively.  It has positive impacts on the group because there is little friction and disagreements between the team, which therefore enables better communication and team work overall.  However, a negative impact of this relaxed environment, would be the fact that we don’t chase each other up about specific tasks that have been delegated, which could lead to the missing of deadlines.  However, we haven’t run into this issue because, as individuals, we appear to manage our time well.  In addition, our client, Dean Giraud, has been difficult to get in touch with.  After multiple attempts by our Project Manager, Shauni, there have now been six weeks that have gone by without being in contact with the client.  This has made it increasingly difficult for .hype to produce work that fits the clients brief as we are unable to get our designs approved by him.  Thus, our schedule is behind because of this issue.


1.0 Company Logo


This is the logo that, mainly, Hillie designed for our company .hype.  There were multiple shapes that Hillie had proposed to the team, but as a team, we agreed that the circle was preferred.  It was a task of mine to design and create a new logo for Dane’s website, as the current one that he has is a somewhat comic-book style photo of himself.  I felt that it didn’t really communicate visually with the readers what the website was about.  Therefore, I have come up with a couple of concept logo’s to use instead;

2.0 Client Logo : Concept 1

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 10.56.18 AM

This logo that I have designed, I feel, targets the thought that this is a written website.  The typewriter stencil is simple, yet effective, with Dane’s initials (DG) printed on the paper in a font that is similar to an old type font.

2.1 Client Logo : Concept 2

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 10.56.29 AM

I had a completely different idea for a logo with this logo.  I adopted this idea from the idea of our logo with the circle.  However, I thought it was quite a cool idea to have the circle in the style of a coffee stain, as I thought this went really well with a writers image.  The initials have also been printed on this logo using the same font.

3.0 .hype Colour Scheme

The colour scheme for .hype was developed by me, which was then approved by the Art Director of .hype, Hillie.  I chose a range of blue shades for the colour scheme as I thought they were appealing, and non-intrusive.  In addition, a thought that they would link to .hype as hyperlink’s are often blue, therefore, I thought it would be a nice, small detail that could incorporate the two things together.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 11.31.28 AM

This colour scheme that I have come up with was then continued through all of .hype’s formal documentation in order to tie in the company as a whole through all of the pieces of work that we have submitted.  The cover page and headers of the design document were designed by Hillie, and Jessica from .hype using the colour scheme I had created, as you can see below;


4.0 Icons

Another element of the project for the client that I have been assigned is to not only create icons for individual posts on his website, but to also gather information on how to code it.  I have discovered that within each post you can format the post into specific post types, and this is how the icon will show categorically.  I found this information on

There are a number of free dashicons that you can use that are supplied by the website.  I suggested this to Hillie, and also offered to create some new icons.  However, Hillie suggested using the icons given, as most icons on websites are virtually the same, and felt that it would be unnecessary and a waste of valuable time if I was to try and create completely new ones.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 1.18.52 PM


Upon reflection, thus far I have developed my skills in both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.  I am really happy with the work that I have been producing of late.  Because of the work that I have been doing with the Illustrator and Photoshop I have become a lot more aware about intellectual property and how each design has an owner.  And therefore, recognise the importance of sourcing and creating your own material.  It has been a great experience for me to be able to create some of my own, original designs.  Personally, I haven’t had to use and stock images, however I have in the past, and I know that Hillie has during the creation of the wireframes for the website layout.  Stock images are a really great way of gaining inspiration, and adapting royalty free images in my own own designs.

In addition, I have found it somewhat frustrating, but also a great learning experience, by having a client who is not as great at communication as we may have liked.  It makes my task as part of the design team a lot harder, as it is harder to get approval of material that we send the client.  However, because of this, I feel as though I force myself to produce work to a higher standard, so that there is less chance of needing to make drastic changes to the design once I eventually hear back from the client.  Also, I have recognised the importance of teamwork, and how that has a large impact on the team and the work that it produces overall.  I have been extremely grateful for the team that makes up .hype, as we all work really well together, and I have noticed that our ideas are developed and encouraged by one another.


2 thoughts on “Digital Media Project • Blog Update

  1. jennasmith2014

    I like your reflection section, I think that its important that you push yourself to a higher standard so the client feels the need to make less changes, because this should make things a little easier regarding their lack of communication. I was just wondering, which logo did you end up going with/developing? I quite like both, but I think the type writer is so quirky/cool/relevant! Keep up the hard work, you guys look like your doing well 🙂

    • hollyypockett

      We have decided to go with the coffee stain logo, as it is more minimalistic which we feel, as a group, suits our client a lot more. The colour of the logo will change, most likely to more of a brown colour, to not only suit the coffee stain look, but to also tie in with the colour scheme of the website that we are creating for the client. However, we will complete the website – or at least decide on a final colour scheme that the client can approve before we change the colour of the logo. Now that the client has been in contact with us, we can now work on getting some great wireframes produced that he can choose from, it was quite difficult to produce high quality work that worked well for the client when we had little to no direction from the client because of the lack of communication.

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